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Pleasantly surprised! Candidly, it has exceeded my expectations and I've actually had to throttle back!
Collin Rice

I'm Colin Rice. I am the head of a few initiatives at Fab Fit Fun. The first is I run our corporate gifting platform. So basically we are selling the subscription boxes that we do ordinarily to our members, to corporations in bulk. And then I also run what we call Fab Fit Fund, which is a place where we incubate and launch upstart brands using the power and distribution of the Fab Fit Fun, other company.

Could you share examples of manual efforts and processes in finding and qualifying potential customers?

The significant pain point for sellers is writing customized personal emails or email outreach or cold calling. You know, anybody in the sales industry knows it is more of an art than it is a science. And you are really just trying to find a reasonable message that will break through the clutter and resonate with the targets. And so what that amounted to is, hey, once you have actually taken the time to identify a contact, which at which, you know, can take anywhere from five minutes to 30 minutes, you know, depending on their social presence, their online presence, etc. You know, then you have got to run through the arduous task of trying to find their email, getting them into your sales force clients, and then ultimately taking them from the sales force client to the email automation client. And so when you are thinking of, you know, the man-hours that takes, and keep in mind, you know, these email campaigns that we are sending are very generic. There is no personalization to it. Ultimately, you know, it is a volume game and there is still a lot of inefficiency.

How did you discover Kalendar.AI?

What I really wanted in a solution was something that was going to automate all of that work. And, that is effectively what KalendarAI does. I was really looking for a tool that could blend the email outreach that the SDRs (sales development representatives) were doing with the personalization. You know, that I would like to get to all the prospects that we identify as one we would like to hit. So I was really looking for a product that could do that and then funnily enough how I found out about KalendarAI was one of your emails to my inbox. And that is, you know, what the product does, but it sent me a very personalized email about you know, hey, like this is what KalendarAI can do. So literally, when the KalendarAI tells you that the product sells itself, it is not a lie, the product did actually prospect and sell itself to me.

How has Kalendar.AI impacted your business?

The amount of sales development analysts that I would need would be, you know, a pretty hefty investment to get spun up. And you are going to be waiting a while to see any returns on that investment. So what I really wanted in a solution was something that was going to automate all of that work. And, that is effectively what KalendarAI does. So, you know, that was, really what stood out as far as, you know, what I needed to save time.

What advice would you give to other businesses considering Kalendar.AI for their own growth?

Everybody, who is looking to sell and grow should definitely explore KalendarAI as an option to either, you know, augment your sales force or, you know, ideally replace a lot of it. I mean, look, the pricing and here's how it works is it's something where if they invest the initial investment is really not what I would consider to be material. It literally took get and my platform onboarded and it took all of about 30 minutes of my time. Then after that, within a week it was producing. was pleasantly surprised to see that it is largely as it was advertised and sold to me. You know, it is definitely worth looking into and the time to set it up, it is not a material onboarding process that's gonna take weeks or months, it takes minutes.

If anyone wants to learn about your experience with Kalendar.AI, how can they reach out to you?

You can find me on You can also definitely feel free to email me at [email protected]