It is a no brainer. You have to try it.
D Sharma

Hi, I am D. I'm one of the founders of Wellness coach. I started Wellness coach about five years ago. Our main purpose is to make people healthier. Our mission is to inspire 5 billion people to be their best selves. Wellness coach is a fully B to B business. We sell well-being solutions coaching solutions team, challenge solutions to businesses all over the world. Our customers, typically human resources makes the decision on giving this as an additional benefit in addition to health dental vision to their employees.

Could you share examples of manual efforts and processes in finding and qualifying potential customers?

So if we were B to B, you know, typically the way to reach them is through events or marketing. From a marketing perspective, we really were using Linkedin and we found KalendarAI. And once we found KalendarAI, we quickly realized that it was much more efficient than using Linkedin. We've also had SDRs (sales development representatives), that have actually helped us find leads to work with our sales team. But also we found that KalendarAI was beating the performance of our SDRs, you know this, we are living in a very amazing time.

How did you discover KalendarAI?

The world is living in the world of real AI, not machine learning, generative AI and also for responding to queries and it came to us that there must be a better way to find customers using Generative AI. So we kind of Googled, you know, multiple solutions and we found KalendarAI and we found some other potential competitors. We tested multiple solutions and we found KalendarAI beat every other solution that we have tested in terms of impact.

How has KalendarAI impacted your business?

I think there's many impacts. First of all, we're living in a time where for a start up venture funding, you know, it's kind of dried up. It's much harder for even investors to raise capital. So capital efficiency, trying to get the profitability is the big focus for everybody, right? And so for us, you know, KalendarAI has been very incredibly efficient in terms of cost. You know, first month of use, we've actually generated more than 20 times the return of what we spend compared that to our effort with Linkedin or Google. It was, you know, three times of investment. So three times versus 20 times is a massive difference. So, you know, we, we think this is the future. We're very excited about partnering with Ravi and KalendarAI.

What advice would you give to other businesses considering KalendarAI for their own growth?

I don't think there's a day that goes by that I don't recommend KalendarAI to others. I think it's like a no brainer for any company that is selling to other businesses in a B to B situation. It is a no brainer. You have to try it.

How would you sum up the overall impact of KalendarAI on your business?

The impact really has been efficiency for our sales team. So, you know, you know, we for full time employees, you pay, you know, full time salaries. Now we are they able to do a lot more with the same people. And then, and then we are reducing cost of marketing. And really the best thing I think is the targeting is so good that when we get a meeting booked through calendar A I, the people that we're talking to are exactly who we want to talk to. So that I think that's the best part.

If anyone wants to learn about your experience with KalendarAI, how can they reach out to you?

Would be happy to provide a reference to KalendarAI, you can email me at [email protected].